Fastest Team Team Name
8003 AWOO Team Nepal
Fastest Team Team Name
8003 AWOO Team Nepal
Fastest Team Team Name
8100 Nutters Return
Fastest Team Team Name
8016 美女與猛獸s - Beauty and the Beasts
Veteran I
Fastest Team Team Name
8127 Cosmoboys Team III
Veteran II
Fastest Team Team Name
8012 Cosmoboys Team IV
By Team Category
Category Fastest Team Team Name Name of Company/ Organization
Accountancy 8043 KPMG HKTR Bros 2017 KPMG
Club or Association 8026 Hong Kong Sports Clinic x Salomon Hong Kong Hiking Meetup
Education 8005 HKUGA Team C Hong Kong University Graduates Association
Finance 8081 CLSA Running Mad House CLSA Ltd
General Corporation 8052 Team Columbia HK Columbia Sportswear Co. (HK) Ltd
Government or Military 8020 Fire Services Ultimate Team Hong Kong Fire Services Department
Health Care 8122 Not-hike-alone The Hong Kong Medical Association
Individual Team 8016 美女與猛獸s - Beauty and the Beasts
Insurance 8001 Cosmoboys Team I Cosmoboys
IT & e-Business 8044 8044 ASM Pacific Technology Ltd
Manufacturing 8003 AWOO Team Nepal Aser Promotions Limited
Real Estate and Property Management 8061 C&W - Super Team Cushman & Wakefield Limited
Social Service 8111 EFCC KONG FOK CHURCH TEAM 1 Kong Fok Church
Tourism & Hotel Service 8085 天鷹 INSTINCT -