Fastest Team Team Name
8024 Gone Running-Joint Dynamics
Fastest Team Team Name
8024 Gone Running-Joint Dynamics
Fastest Team Team Name
8060 Salomon Overstims Reflex Hello Kitty
Fastest Team Team Name
8127 Team Uglow Asia
Veteran I
Fastest Team Team Name
8001 亞洲保險 Cosmoboys Team 3
Veteran II
Fastest Team Team Name
0250 0250 花甲威龍
By Team Category
Category Fastest Team Team Name Name of Company/ Organization
Accountancy 8031 SARA Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Club or Association 8124 Team 2XU Hong Kong Hiking Meetup
Education 8134 謎團四小薯@政大香港校友會 National Chengchi University Hong Kong Alumni Association
Finance 8107 Koala Financial Group Ltd x Asia Trail Koala Securities Limited
General Corporation 8140 鴻福堂1隊 Hung Fook Tong Holdings Limited
Government or Military 8014 Fire Services Ultimate team Hong Kong Fire Services Department
Health Care 0208 0208 The Hong Kong Medical Association
Individual Team 8024 Gone Running-Joint Dynamics
Insurance 8126 亞洲保險 Cosmoboys Team 1 Asia Insurance Co. Ltd.
IT & e-Business 8133 Kinhang Harriers Amino Technologies (HK) Limited
Logistics and Transportation Service 8062 Frontier FRONTIER SERVICES GROUP LTD
Manufacturing 8003 AWOO Team Nepal Aser Promotions Limited
Real Estate and Property Management 8117 常餐 C S Auctioneers Limited
Social Service 8111 EFCC Kong Fok Church Team 1 Kong Fok Church
Tourism & Hotel Service 8135 追夢行動 x 惜食堂 Super Inn